Big Time Bingo July Promo – Prize Amount of $5,00000

Big Time Bingo July Promo – Prize Amount of $5,00000

As we all know that bingo games are popular in US and this is the time of celebration in America. All websites are celebrating the Independence Day and offering good schemes to the players. This is time when players can have full fun and good earning also. All websites are launching their new offers on Independence Day and trying to create the festive environment on the sites. If we see the bonuses and the prizes are very huge on this occasion. This is the right time to start a game and earn lots of money. There is large competition in between the sites and every one wants to make it more attractive and interesting.

Big Time Bingo

In a huge competition there is a site by the name of is also launching very interesting offers. This is a very interesting site where players can play for long and win lots of prizes. Here the bonuses and schemes are new and attractive. If we see the promotion for this month is very interesting. The site has launched a program which is “American All Star” in this program players can become the star by collecting the most flag pattern from 1st July to 28th July and they can win the prize amount of $5,00000. There are few conditions also, that players can claim the wining amount in quarter room on Wednesday from 12pm to 9pm EST. If players forget to claim the prize on selective time than there is a possibility for other players to win the same amount. All unclaimed amount will forward to the quarter room at 9pm EST for those player who are present that point of time.

One of the best promotions on this site for this month is “Happy Birthday USA”- Union Party. This is a very big promotion and players shouldn’t miss that. This is the biggest party for US bingo rooms for the players on 4th July. Now we are celebrating 236th birthday of the nation and on this occasion players can get 236% bonus on every deposit on that particular day. Players can win guaranteed prize up to $12000. Great Card sales are also there where players can purchase 10 cards they will get 5 free cards starting at $0.25. There is hourly prize also by the amount of $500 to $600.If a player win 2012 firework pattern than they can contact to customer support to double their winning prize.

There is one more exciting scheme which is “Pre-Purchase Raffle”. If players have any plan to go out than in this condition they can purchase cards in advance and enjoy the game. If players are purchasing cards in advance, than they will get a chance to win $100 per month. So players this is the best bingo site in the market.

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