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Become a Mobile Bingo Expert in 10 Minutes or Less

Mobile Bingo is the ultimate pastime. But if you don’t begin well, you may never be able to appreciate the charm of mobile bingo games. Go through this guide to know what matters most and make the right start.

Mobile BingoMobile bingo is perhaps bingo at its best. Using just your smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy playing bingo anytime anywhere you like.

It’s like carrying a bingo hall in your pocket all the time!

If you are a bingo lover and you have a smartphone or tablet, you should use it to play mobile bingo games. We’ll show you how you can do it besides talking about everything that matters about mobile bingo.

Things You Need to Know to Play Mobile Bingo

To play mobile bingo games right away, you need the following things.

  • A Smartphone or Tablet
    To play mobile bingo games, you need a smartphone or a tablet. An iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, a Windows phone or tablet or a BlackBerry phone or BlackBerry PlayBook perfectly fits the bill.
  • A Player Account on a Bingo Site
    You also need a player account on a bingo site before you can play mobile bingo games. Joining a bingo site is free, and you are usually up and running within a few minutes with some free sign up bonus in your account.
  • Funds in Your Player Account
    Playing bingo involves buying cards and tickets, and doing so, you need to have adequate funds in your player account. Once your player account is created, use one of the available deposit methods to deposit money into it.
  • Mobile Bingo App
    Most bingo sites offer mobile games through a gaming app. If your bingo site has an app, just download it to your phone. An app not only serves as a bingo lobby but also provides added security besides working flawlessly on your device.

How Mobile Bingo Works

Mobile bingo works in one of the two ways described below. Both are fast and secure. Take a look at each of them.

App-based Mobile Bingo

This is by far the most common method used by top mobile bingo sites. You just need to download and install a particular bingo app optimised for your smartphone or tablet from your bingo site. Once installed, you can run this app to play bingo whenever you feel like.

Bingo Via the Mobile Version of a Bingo Site

This is another standard method used by bingo sites. The moment you visit a bingo site through your mobile device, you are automatically redirected to its mobile version.

This saves you time and precious space on your smartphone or tablet because you don’t need to download and install an app of any kind.

But it is not as stable as a mobile bingo app. An app is optimised to work on a particular phone or tablet whereas a mobile version of a bingo site is built for every platform (one size fits all). So it may not work as intended.

Types of Mobile Bingo Sites

You will be surprised to know, but there are many types of mobile bingo sites available out there.

No, we are not talking about the sites that offer bingo games through an app or the sites that offer games through an entirely different website optimised for mobile phones and tablets.

We are talking about the way different bingo sites run their businesses. It’s not as simple as you might think!

Take a look at the different types of mobile bingo sites below.

Standalone Bingo Sites

Most bingo sites are independent which means they are not linked to other sites in any way. They offer their own set of games. They design their exclusive promotions. They offer prizes and jackpots that are not found on other bingo sites.

They have their customer support teams, and if something goes wrong, they resolve the issues on their own. In short, they alone are responsible for offering you bingo the best they can.

Networked Bingo Sites

On the other hand, some bingo sites are networked. Most people are not aware of the fact that many bingo sites, especially the ones that offer huge progressive jackpots are parts of bigger bingo networks.

These sites usually share prizes, promotions and their community of bingo players and even customer support to provide bingo at its best. These sites only pool their resources to provide better than average prizes and bonuses.

There is nothing to be worried about a networked bingo site because it is not going to cheat you in any way. Networks are just in place to offer you better prizes and jackpots and an entirely amazing bingo experience. Besides, if something goes wrong, there is a full panel that you can get in touch with. In other words, any issues you might face getting resolved as quickly as possible.

While playing bingo, players seldom notice that their fellow players or “roomies“ are coming from different bingo sites joined. More players equal more bingo fun. Together they all make games exciting for everybody else on board. All in all, bingo rooms become electrified with the enthusiasm and energy exhibited by players.

Partially Networked Bingo Sites

These bingo sites are neither standalone nor completely networked. So these sites offer you the best of both worlds.

Partially networked bingo sites offer shared jackpots. They may or may not use the same gaming software used by other sites the bingo network.

These sites sometimes use the same customer support team. But they offer their unique set of bingo games most of the times.

Is Mobile Bingo Safe?

Mobile bingo is 100% safe. Team it up with your common sense and things can never go wrong.

Top bingo sites take your security very seriously. So, they develop secure apps to let you enjoy bingo on your smartphone or tablet with a complete peace of mind.

Besides, they offer bingo through secure connections which further enhance your security. Unlike regular connections, a secure connection cannot be intercepted which means the information you share with your bingo site stays hidden from prowlers because it is encrypted.

In short, yes mobile bingo is safe. If you still feel concerned about safety, we recommend that you install a security software on your mobile device and keep it updated to keep potential malware at bay.

You can also ensure your safety by being proactive about phishing messages and emails and never replying to them especially if they ask for details like your password, banking details, etc.

Caution: Don’t Be a Mobile Bingo Addict

Mobile bingo games are easy to play, plus they are available round the clock. You can enjoy playing your favourite bingo game whenever and wherever you feel like.

This may lead to bingo addiction. Don’t let that happen to you. Think of mobile bingo as just a way to enjoy bingo anytime. Do not fall for it.

There have been instances where people started playing mobile bingo games at odd places like a kitchen table, in the restroom, while waiting for kids to finish their soccer practice, while at a restaurant, while travelling on a bus or train, etc.

People who were initially excited to play bingo on their smartphones or tablets at odd places later complained that they couldn’t live without playing a few games of bingo every hour! Almost all of them were frustrated and ready to go bankrupt.

See bingo is just a pastime. It’s nothing to get addicted of. So strike a balance and instead of playing bingo religiously, play it for recreational purposes only.

Ready to Go Mobile?

Are you ready to enjoy bingo at its best? Then give mobile bingo a try right away. We guarantee you will fall in love with this lively bingo option within seconds.

Further Reading

You have already become a mobile bingo expert because you have reached this far. Now it’s time to enhance your knowledge with the information listed below.

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Mobile Bingo Games are Just Awesome!

It goes without saying that mobile bingo games are simply awesome. They are available anytime anywhere. Plus, they offer valuable prizes and bonuses. It will turn out to be a great pastime.

Join a bingo site that offers mobile bingo games and enjoys playing this fantastic bingo variant. And since you now know a lot about mobile bingo, share your knowledge with your friends and loved ones. Thanks for reading. May luck be with you!