Play Bingo for Free on Facebook Applications

Play Bingo for Free on Facebook Applications

Facebook is the new addition to online bingo space and it is a big threat to online bingo sites and killing their margins by large. It is causing a major threat to operators those who are offering pay to play websites as the user experience on Facebook is phenomenal even though the money is involved still players get good value for their time spent on the website. It all started couple of years back when some bingo application started getting huge response from the players online on Facebook.

Why Facebook bingo games are huge success?
  1. Free bingo games: Gambling is habit forming game once you start playing it is not less than smoking or drinking where in it is easy to start but hard to leave. So for those habitual gamblers it is a big relief that they can satisfy their urge to play bingo on Facebook for free with all its exciting features. Players are not going to miss the real money bingo part when they are going to use these application regularly because with games it is not always about winning money it has its own competitive nature where you want to score more than your friends or fellow players for that matter.
  2. Playing with or against friends is always fun: If you are playing at a social networking site you are not playing with or against the strangers you are playing with your friends as every time you will win you will see it will be posted on your wall which your friends can see. With the competition among the friends it becomes more and more exciting.
  3. Security of Information: Facebook is a listed company has a huge reputation you can be rest assured if you are sharing your personnel information on the website or the application it will not be misused and the best part is it is not even your financial info which has more chances of bring misused.
  4. Millions of Fans: Growth of Facebook bingo games is also because of the sharing part as the players those who play on these apps share all what they are doing on the application. When the like the page the update goes to their friends and it goes viral after the friend also like the page.
  5. Pay to play bingo application: Yes it is true hard to believe social site Facebook has ventured in to the online gambling space with their first launch of the site. It is called bingo frenzy but the saddest part it is not open to the entire world or USA. It is only restricted for UK player where playing bingo online is legal.
List of top Facebook bingo Application
  1. Bingo Bash: Bingo bash free online Facebook application is one of the top most bingo applications and it is growing exponentially and has a lot to offer to its fans.
  2. Bingo blitz: It is one of the favorite among the USA players and it is fastest growing application on Facebook with millions of fans.
  3. Bingo Island: Unique features and games.
  4. Slingo bingo: Big brand names have a lot to offer.

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