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Bingo Canada Complaints

Bingo Canada Complaints and Player Concerns

Bingo Canada is a superb bingo site where you can play bingo at its best and win cool rewards that impress. But due to things that are hard to ignore, players have started to complain about this site. Find out what these players have to say.

This article contains information that was either received from real players or compiled from trusted online sources.

If you’re looking for a bingo site where you can win great bingo rewards while enjoying bingo to the maximum, Bingo Canada is the place to be.

However, a lot of players have identified some issues with this website that directly affect the bingo experience offered by Bingo Canada.

If Bingo Canada cares about offering a memorable bingo experience, they better listen to these players and take care of the things that are making these players feel bad about the site.

To know what is it that the players are complaining about Bingo Canada, keep reading.

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Bingo Canada ComplaintsCommon Issues Faced by Players on Bingo Canada

The following are the prominent issues faced by players on Bingo Canada.

Bingo Canada Employees are Allowed to Play

A lot of players, especially the ones who spend a lot of money on bingo, have felt that employees of Bingo Canada play bingo games.

These players have seen the same players winning over and over again, which has made players believe that Bingo Canada employees are also allowed to play.

Bingo Canada denies any such incidents but players strongly believe that most employees, including the chat hosts and customer service reps, play bingo games along with regular, depositing players and win most of the games.

Unethical Business Practices

Some players report that customer service reps from Bingo Canada keep asking them to make deposits. These reps will do or say anything to get a deposit from players. This is not a decent way to run a business. Besides, it makes players go crazy because players feel that they are not free to play bingo on Bingo Canada.

Unwanted Phone Calls

Players also complain about receiving unwanted phone calls from Bingo Canada. They receive calls from reps asking players to make deposits. They usually call up at odd hours and won’t hang up until you get frustrated or agree to make a deposit.

Games are Below Standards

A lot of players believe that the games offered by Bingo Canada are no match with the games offered on other top bingo sites. These games lack beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay.

Winnings Voided

Some players complain about their winnings becoming voided on technical grounds. It goes like this: a player plays bingo and wins a decent cash prize, but when they want to withdraw their winnings, they are not allowed to do so because of some technical reasons related to deposits.

Your Turn

Online bingo should be fun and rewarding, especially on top bingo sites. Bingo Canada is one such site. However, due to unfair practices, it is making players find alternatives.

It is still a great bingo site where you can go to get your regular dose of bingo anytime you like. Just be a little careful. And read all offer-related documents carefully.

Our goal behind presenting this information here is to show you a clear picture of all the great Canadian bingo sites out there. While you’re here, why not take a good look at top bingo sites and know more about them?

2 thoughts on “Bingo Canada Complaints and Player Concerns”

  1. Bingocanada nothing more then a rip off all they care about are deposits. They will not answer you in live support of email unless you say the word DEPOSIT… And they sneak money into your acc those 25.00 bonuses.
    I wouldn’t even see them go in when I have a lot of money. When I am busy playing slots and bingo at same time I don’t notice un asked for bonuses. Then not aware they were going in when it’s time to cash out they will say you can on!y cash out X amount because you took free25.00 bonuses. I had over 2000.00 that was won on money i deposited n because the stuck those bonuses in they said you can only cash out 200.00. They say you used the bonuses sent i say I had no idea you put them in. I have told them many times please stop putting those bonuses in my acc as I don’t see them go in so I cant request them to take it out. They still keep doing it.

    Thats how they get you ….these 25.00 bonuses they do it while your playing and have plenty of money in acc and I’m not looking at my bonuses box every dam min. This site should to be shut down and stopping robbing people. This is a little weird to because usually when you get a deposit bonus you cant use it until your real money is gone.

    But when they stick those 25.00 ones in your acc they use that first and not your money you already have in acc. They do it like that so people won’t notice them, then say you can’t cash but X amount out because you took bonuses. I think they should be sued and shut down this isn’t right…Bingo is suppose to be fun not stressful. And btw same people win over n over .g.rain n others .the sisters sites of binoculars all do same thing, Anyways sick of this site n done. Good luck

  2. I have been fighting withdrawals from them for the last two months.. They kept coming back to say my paper work always needed one more thing.. Than when that ran out because they couldn’t get me for anything else.. They said I had a bad bet and cancelled my withdrawal and stole 900 dollars…. they gave me an id number which isn’t there even there own employee couldn’t find it… bonus rules say you can not make a bet or spin over 5 dollars when you have bbs. my bets where on 1 to 2 dollars so they couldn’t get me on that. So than they tried to get me on I bought 12 cards.. Well a spin or a bet is casino. Bingo you buy your cards there is no spin or bet involved… I am thinking about taking this further.

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