Bingo for Beginners: A Guide for New Online Bingo Players

Bingo for Beginners

Bingo belongs to lotto family and offers loads of entertainment and relaxing to its player which are now all around the world. The main reason behind the popularity of bingo game is the inception of this game on internet and the simple rules which helps people in learning and understanding this game quickly so that they can start playing and earning rewards. The rules are so simple in this game that even a beginner can understand the game in matter of minutes.

Bingo for Beginners

Wining a bingo online game like other gambling based on chance or luck there are no hidden secret to win this game. Specific rules and terms of bingo games are based on the country or place you are playing the game because people have adopted the game in their way and thus there are differences in terms and conditions laid down in the game.

For example bingo game played in United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia is the British version of Bingo which includes ninety numbers on the contrary in America and other parts of the world another version of the game is played which is basically of seventy numbers. Bingo beginners travelling between these countries may see a change in terms and conditions in Bingo games.

However bingo game can also be played on internet now, people can register themselves on websites which are offering bingo games in terms and conditions with which a bingo beginner is friendly.

90 Numbers Bingo Game

In this version the bingo game is played with nine column and three rows with 5 numbers on each line and the player who complete a single line is the winner. There is one term called full house in bingo game which is marked when the three lines need to be covered. This two or three line bingo game is special game. If an online beginner is playing this game on internet than the tickets or cards are given in strips of three

Other Versions of Bingo Game

The other version of game is played on a square card with five rows and five columns which contain one letter of Bingo in each card on every line and the centre of the card remains vacant in order to complete any pattern. A regular bingo consists of vertical, diagonal or horizontal line. Special bingo generally has the use of patterns that can be of any shape, letter or number.