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Bingo for Money Complaints and Player Concerns

Bingo for Money is a top-rated bingo site where you get total value for money. Still, some players have had a bad time there. Discover what it is that made players unhappy at Bingo for Money.

This article contains information that was either received from real players or compiled from trusted online sources.

Bingo for Money is without doubts a premium online bingo brand where you get total satisfaction for money.

The prizes, the games, the level of bingo fun…everything is worth a praise.

But even after all that, Bingo for Money has players that were not very happy with the way they were treated by the site.

Find out what it is that made some players turn away from this great bingo site.

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Bingo For Money ComplaintsThings People Don’t Like about Bingo for Money

Some players didn’t like to continue playing bingo on Bingo for Money despite it being a big name in the online bingo industry. Listed below are the most common reasons why players don’t like Bingo for Money.

Same Winners   

Some players have noticed that the winners are the same most of the times. No matter what type of game is played, the winners are usually the same.

This has led people in believing that the outcome of a game is predetermined. Bingo is a game of chance, which means you win or lose by chance. The only factor that can get you a win is the pure amount of luck. Then how in the world is it possible for some people to have tonnes of luck when it comes to scoring wins in bingo?

If it has something to do with the way the software works, we’re afraid Bingo for Money should get it checked before their image is completely blown up.

Sequential Numbers

Players have also noticed that the numbers picked up during a game are not picked up randomly. Rather, they are picked up in a certain fashion, helping the chosen players score a win.

False Claims

Some players complain that Bingo for Money has sent them emails containing links to receive free bonus money. The same players have reported that when they tried to avail the free bonus, they were told by the officials to make a deposit to be able to receive the bonus amount which is totally unfair.

Withdrawals are a Nightmare

Players also report that getting a withdrawal from Bingo for Money is not an easy thing to do. We would like to state here that withdrawals do present some unavoidable inconveniences on all bingo sites. Usually, there are processing fees involved with certain withdrawal methods. Furthermore, bingo sites may have additional rules regarding withdrawals. This must have been the case with Bingo for Money. It is always recommended that you read the terms and conditions before making a deposit at a bingo site.

Is Bingo for Money worth Trusting?

We say it’s perfectly fine to join Bingo for Money and play bingo games as and when you feel like it. It’s a great bingo site after all.

But at the same time, we recommend that you read and understand terms and conditions, especially before availing bonus offers.

Rest assured that Bingo for Money is always going to be there to sort things out if something goes wrong.

Our goal behind presenting this information here is to show you a clear picture of all the great bingo sites out there. While you’re here, why not take a good look at top bingo sites and know more about them?


7 thoughts on “Bingo for Money Complaints and Player Concerns”

  1. Need to improve game quality, also bring more new games
    The quality of games available at Bingo for Money is not that good. Furthermore, I’ve been tired and bored of playing the same old games again and again. Please bring new games and provide better bingo fun. Otherwise, I’m sorry I’ll have to look elsewhere. I love you guys for reasons I don’t quite understand so I suggest that you follow my advice seriously.

  2. Same winners in every game
    It’s hard to believe but winners have always been the same on Bingo for Money. Maybe once in a while a different winner is declared but most of the times the same players keep winning. This is not at all acceptable because we should get a chance to win the prizes as well. After all, we buy cards and play bingo to have fun and win prizes don’t we?

  3. Delayed withdrawals + heavy processing charges
    I have been a victim of delayed withdrawals on Bingo for Money and believe me it doesn’t feel nice. My withdrawal request took longer than usual because there was some technical problem at their end which lasted for more than a few days. When finally my withdrawal was approved, the notification for the applicable processing charges broke my heart because it was way more than expected. At last I was able to get my winnings in my hands but it took me almost 14 days to receive it. And to be frank, the processing charges took away a major chunk of my winnings.

  4. Bonuses come with HUGE wagering criteria
    I always wonder why the deposit and free bonuses come with mammoth wagering criteria. I mean the playthrough requisites are just supernatural. The bonuses look so cute and innocent but when you realize the amount of money you need to wager to get the bonus, you become totally stunned. Bonuses should definitely come with easy wagering requirements.

  5. Rude customer support
    The day I got in touch with the customer support was perhaps the worst day of my life. they were not at all helpful. Besides, they provided a solution that fixed the problem temporarily. But most of all the customer service agent was rude and she didn’t listen to me.

  6. Slow games
    I must tell you about your games. They are slow. And they don’t impress much. Low quality graphics and inferior animations, I think you need a better software. Also, make these games run fast because they are extremely slow on my computer.

  7. I am extremely annoyed! I receive phone calls saying my bonus has been paid into my account just to be ridiculed by the staff on site. This is unacceptable and I will not stand for it. I have asked to be removed from these sites although I enjoy bingo very much. No mention of a deposit first on the phone or email, only when you speak to truly rude staff after waiting between 30-40 min for a simple reply. To me it is fraudulent to make promises like that and I am done with casinos like this. they should all go on a client care seminar or something. most people just do not return to complain, unfortunately, I’m one who says it like it is. done

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