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More Fun with More Games!!

Bingo most exclusive and special offers are available at New Bingo Billy. You just need to deposit at new bingo belly and your account will be credited by 10% cash back bonus, and this all will happen in first seven days of every month. Cash back will be based on the net cash losses and it will not include the funds that are taken out from the account. The cash bonus will be also based on the total deposit done in a given month. For example if you deposited $100 in a particular month you will get a bonus of $10 in the starting of next month.

Play For free!!
You can play this at wild penny room; it is a limited time offer. You will get an opportunity to play these free bingo games 24 by 7. You just need to open an account and login with your username and password and start playing. You will get 6 free bingo cards to play on every game. You can also chat with the members enjoying this free bingo offer.

Weekly Special!!
There are number of rooms available to play the weekly offers. The first room where you can play is crazy quarter; this will be open 24×7, you can buy the cards at 25c per card, this room is open for all the members, chat is also available. Here you can click on the particular day and choose to play the special offer available for each day. The second room where you can play the weekly special offers is wild penny room, this is also open 24 by 7, you can get cards for free, you can also chat when manager visit the room. This room will be closed when the VIP rooms or any special room is open. You can also pay at thrifty nickel room; this will open for a limited time frame which is 12.01 AM till 4 PM ET. In this room it is easy to hit a jackpot; card will only cost you for pennies, dimes and nickels. This room is also available for every member, here also the chat is available when manager enter the room. This room is a temporary room which can close any time without any prior information. The next room where you can pay the weekly special offer is the newest in the list which is flower bingo. You need to deposit on Tuesday and you will get 5 days entry and same if you do on Wednesday you will get 4 day entry. The card cost is between 25c to $1 and this room is open from 4th July till 8th July!!

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