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Get Free Printable Bingo Cards

In the year 2012 you got many option to play bingo it is not long ago that bingo was only played in Bingo halls, House parties, Churches and shops now bingo as a game is available on all platforms Offline (which includes halls and parties) Online ( Includes online bingo sites and Facebook bingo and Mobile. Out of all the above three the oldest version is offline where in group of friends and bingo lovers used to gather under one roof and play bingo and it is still the popular version even with the tough competition from the other players or platform you can say.

Bingo cards are of various patterns and sizes more the variety in cards you have more you will enjoy the games there are many theme based cased if you only have numbers on it without any pattern it will not be fun. For example it is the festive seasons go for Christmas pattern or at least use the terminology like Santa, bells etc. It will be definitely more fun.

After you are done with the printing the bingo cards you should know how you can start playing you have to follow these steps to start.

Step 1

Select the pattern: You have to select from the different patterns available for you to take the print out.

Step 2

Print the Custom cards: You have to choose from the bingo card generator and then select to print the cards.

Step 3

Call all your participants: You can’t play this game on your own you need a group of people those who have interest in the game. So you have to call all your friends and start playing bingo.

Step 4

Distribution of the bingo cards: Best practice can if you will give one card to one person but if you want to make more money on bingo then you have to give cards as per the purchase made by the players. They can buy as many cards as they want.

Step 5

Select a caller: It is a very important aspect of the bingo game that you need somebody to pick the balls and call the numbers you need to ensure that the caller is not biased and play the game ethically not just favouring anybody and the caller needs to be audible and need to ensure that the numbers which are called are marked by the players as some players may have more cards with them to mark. If somebody calls for “BINGO” then the caller has to check if all the numbers are matching in order to do that caller has to write all the numbers that are called and are matching with the bingo card of the player.

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