Top Five Bingo Winning Strategies

bingo winning strategies

bingo winning strategiesBingo is a very popular game be it the real world bingo or the virtual world bingo offered by many online bingo sites. There are primarily two types of players who play this game, the ones who play just for fun and don’t bother much about winning the game and the second type who play only to win. There is some bingo winning strategies that are many times passed on or shared with friends or sometimes posted by seasoned bingo players which can help any player tremendously improve their chance of winning a game. Some of these strategies have been reproduced below to improve the chances of a win tremendously.

1. Always play on more than one card

The more the number of cards, the higher the chances of winning is the simplest and sure shot formula employed by many players to improve their luck and hopefully take home the big jackpot. More cards mean higher chance of achieving the winning pattern. Players need to stay focused while playing with multiple cards to ensure that they do not miss out on an opportunity to take the prize home. Playing with many cards at the same time also has its disadvantages like-

  • The player are required to concentrate on several cards at the same time increasing the chances of missing a number
  • Players should calculate their bidding strategy before buying multiple cards, as for buying multiple cards the players have to bankroll the purchase for their own pockets which is a risk with no guaranteed return

2. Familiarise with the winning patterns

It is always advisable for the players to familiarise themselves with the winning patterns for that particular bingo game. Different games have different winning patterns that include simple formations that may be vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines as well as shapes like T, X diamond, square and other such shapes and patterns.

3. Ensure that the bingo site adheres to ethical gaming practices

Players must read about the site and gather information to ensure that the site follows fair and ethical gaming practices. This saves a lot of time and money and also safeguards from nasty surprises when the players find out at a later stage if the gaming site engages in malpractice. Also ensure that the site is audited by a reputed third party for fairness, reliability and security.

4. Use technology to the fullest

Use of features like ‘auto-daub’ allows the system to mark the numbers automatically and significantly reduces the chances of human error in daubing. Though self-daubing is the real fun involved in such games, it is advisable to use auto-daub, especially when playing multiple cards to reduce error.

5. Select the cards and game rooms carefully

Some probability expert calculates that the chance of the first ten draws having the same last digit are less than 40%, so players should avoid a card with numbers that have the same last number in a sequence.

Also playing in a less crowded room improves the chances of a win. Even though the winning may be small, they shall help the player in playing more games without having to set a substantial amount from their pockets.