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Unlimited Fun on South Beach Bingo!!

Wow, exciting games are available on south Beach Bingo. The guaranteed games and prizes are available everyday of the week. Now players can check the latest bingo promotions and latest tournament on the website.

Monday Movies!!
Monday is the day when players can get ticket and surprise jackpots from 6pm to 2am. There is a very famous game by the name of “The Blob” is also available on Monday. The jackpot of $15.00 with extra payout of 15% is the main attraction. Players will get progressive games here and they will get a definite fun.

Toys for Tuesday!!
On Tuesday players will get the feeling of to be kids again. Jack-in the box again; Teetor-Totter and Kite game patterns are available between 6pm to 2 am. Players will also get 50% extra on the jackpot. They will also get $100 jackpot guaranteed. Progressive games and tournaments are also available.

Jackpot on Wednesday Night!!
South Beach Bingo will provide amazing bingo bonuses to the players. The game will starts from 6pm to 2 am and with the pattern of up and down arrow, and right arrow game pattern. The guaranteed jackpot worth of $75 and $100 is available. Some initial jackpot worth $20 with some incredible games is also available.

Touching It out Thursday!!
Players will get the old rabbit and tortoise race again on the website. Players who will reach the finishing line first will get the jackpot. Many games like Rabbit ears, Turtle and Fox and Crazy are also available around 6pm till 2am with $25 initial jackpot. Every day you will get an opportunity to play most amazingly games on the here. Every day is a fun day.

Funny Farm Friday!!
There is a particular pattern of game on Friday like, Crazy missing1 and X missing 1patterns. The game starts from 6pm to 2am till late. This includes the jackpot with hike of 50%.

Unlimited fun on Saturday!!
This game will give you lots of bonuses and jackpots. The major games on Saturdays are Flying Saucer, Crazy ET and Crazy orbit game patterns. Each game carried guaranteed bonuses of $75 to $100.

Exciting Shopping on Sunday!!
The players will get the Shopping cart, check dollar sign and cent game pattern on Sunday. On this day definitely you can win jackpot of $100.

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