Online Bingo for Money

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Bingo is the game of luck, full of entertainment, excitement, social and it is also all about making friends. Bingo started long time back when it was played on cards with daubers. Old ladies getting together in church raising funds for charity. Online bingo for money games evolved most recently and it is becoming a huge business for those who are running it. Most of the bingo players are still playing land bingo because of lack of awareness for online bingo or because they believe more on their local hall then playing online bingo for money.

Now with more and more people spending time online and increase in the spend on advertising bingo sites are becoming very popular and bingo players not only get a chance to play bingo online but they also play slots and other casino games.

Bingo for MoneyWith bingo now touching new countries there are television shows almost in every country and presence of bingo in the social networks with huge fan following in application on Facebook where in millions of players playing every day with all this happening now there is greater need of the players to play for real money or putting in real cash on the website to win and get more access to the site as compared to when they play for free money they only get limited access to the games.

Advantages of playing online bingo for money over no deposit bingo or free money

  1. If you ever thought of winning a jackpot or making money through a bingo site you will never be able to do it if you are playing bingo with free money. No deposit bingo can only give you entertainment for few hours and after the money is gone you have to look for new site and this never ends. So if you want to hit those big jackpots you have to put in your real cash to win it.
  2. Players those who play for free money they only get access to free rooms. They can’t access the real rooms where the promotions and the real action is, they can’t even evaluate the quality and entertainment value of the website. For them to see what all is there on offering they have taken some out of their pockets.
  3. Real money bingo players get Chat BB’s. Now the question is what is chat money? It is money given to players those who are playing in the rooms. This is one of the unique feature given on the online bingo website to entertain players and give them chance to win some thing if there luck is not favoring them in bingo. They can win real cash however the amount is not substantial but it is good for player those who doesn’t have enough cash to make a deposit on the website.
  4. Free money players get limited access to the website as they will not be able to enter all the rooms and the Casino games which makes the bingo experience not that good.

Disadvantages of playing bingo for cash

Playing bingo for cash can really affect your budgets there has been so many cases where in we have seen bingo players spending their hard earned money on the bingo site without realizing they have not even paid their bills and house rent and spent all money playing bingo. Bingo can be habit forming game. It is always hard once you get in a habit of gambling to come out of it clean it should always be played with an intention that you just want to have entertainment or fun. We always recommend all bingo players while playing online they should play bingo more than the slot games as in slots players do spend more and they lose quickly. If players are playing bingo they will not have to bet max spend time with your bingo friends play slow win chat BB’s. Playing online bingo for money will last for long time if you play wisely.

Suggestions while playing online bingo for real money

NO MAX buyout

Bingo games gives you an options to buy cards as much as you like. You can buy two cards four cards or buy all of them. Yes buying Max cards which means buying all the cards at once increases your chances of winning however as it will also finish your balance quickly. So it is recommended you should always bet less cards enjoy more in the chat games and in slots also same thing you don’t have to bet Max bet on few lines if luck is favoring you may be you can hit the jackpot and win your family a tickets to Hawaii for holidays.

Play for fun not for gambling

When playing with money your main aim should be having fun making friends and spending more time on bingo site and spending less money on it.

Always play for free first before putting in real money

One should always play with the no deposit money before investing real money on the website as you can ascertain about the websites credibility, software, customer services and games. After you see all these are good to go you should be ready to hit your money on the site.

How you can start playing for real Cash on bingo site?

The process which you have to follow while going in for real money bingo is:-

  • Step 1: Look for trusted online bingo sites
  • Step 2: Read the rules and terms and condition if it matches with what you have and what you want
  • Step 3: Check all the promotions and tournaments available on the site
  • Step 4: Fill in all your details in the sign up form which is your Name, address, phone number, email Address
  • Step 5: Use your credit card or other deposit method to fund your account.

In the months of August and in September 2013 we have observed many US real money bingo sites were not able to take deposits from the players those who were trying to deposit for the first time. Best ways to deposit if you get denied through your credit card.

  1. MoneyGram: It is safe and you don’t have to give your credit card information to the website. You can do this online and offline both ways and some sites do offer more deposit bonus if you are using this mode of payment. If you have to deposit using this you just have taken the receiver name and the location and send the money.
  2. Western Union: A big name where in your money is safe and is available almost everywhere it is also one of preferred way to play.