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Bingo & Slots Friendzy – Real Money Application on Facebook!

Friendzy Slots and  Bingo facebook ApplicationFacebook was expected to do something very dramatic after the stocks going down in the market and investors confidence was on the lowest end on August 7 2012 Facebook launched its first Pay to play application Bingo & Slots Friendzy which we are sure before the launch will be a big hit as online Bingo applications like bingo bash, bingo blitz are a huge success in UK and US market. Big players like Zynga is expected to launch the Poker game on Facebook with real money by the next year.

This real money application is launched in UK market which is already flooded with the bingo operator it is going to be very competitive however with the competitive nature of Facebook and the nature of social media where in things go viral in no time. It will not be hard for the application to deliver the traffic however what is more important if FB is able to match the standards of the pay to play sites outside Facebook it means the promotions, Tournaments, Chat host and games etc. that is where the experience of jackpot joy genesis software will come in to place as they will be heading all the activities to make it successful in no time. As per our understanding this is welcome step by Facebook to start this as players can enjoy the game more and can stay away from the shady bingo operators those who offer limited gaming experience. Now it depends on how fb is going to treat the other players to start taking real money as everybody would like to take the opportunity of making huge money.

Some points and features about Bingo & Slots Friendzy.

  • Only 18 plus allowed: Nature of business would be gambling so no other then the age of 18 will be allowed to enter this website and FB will be using lot of intelligence to prevent children accessing this app as this is totally adult.
  • UK players allowed: Facebook is only allowing visitors for the UK as it is a regulated market and with the legal operation it becomes easier and Jackpot joy is already a big player in the market and for sure will be able to deliver as well and It may take US players when the game will be legal which is expected to happen any time next year after it got banned in the year 2006.
  • Good software: This is application is using state of the art Software and for sure will make big winners so why stop let’s get the ball rolling.

At the end we can say it is just a start and industry is going to look differently as you will see many players venturing in to this.

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