Top Bingo Sites in Europe 2019

Online bingo is all about fun, simplicity, safety and rewards, and to take you closer to all that, we have selected the best European bingo sites.

Each of these sites provides bingo at its best. Prizes, bonuses, games…everything is above par.

So without much ado, choose from these top bingo sites in Europe to get the best of online bingo.

List of Best European Bingo Sites in 2019

Cyber Bingo: $25 Free No Deposit Required + 20 Free Spins.

Cyber Bingo

$50 Free No Deposit Bonus + 10 Free Spins.

18+. New players only. T&C’s Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly. See official website for details.

Bingo Fest: $25 Free No Deposit Bonus + 20 Free Spins.

Bingo Fest

$50 Free No Deposit Bonus + 10 Free Spins.

18+. New players only. T&C’s Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly. See official website for details.

Bingo Spirit: $25 Free No Deposit Bonus + 20 Free Spins.

Bingo Spirit

$50 Free No Deposit Bonus + 10 Free Spins.

18+. New players only. T&C’s Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly. See official website for details.

Check out more about European Online Bingo Sites

Bingo sites in Europe nowadays are becoming the new fashion in online gaming. This is easily evident through the vast number of sites that operate online.

Playing bingo on European sites gives you a lot of opportunities. First of all, you can find great 75 ball and 90 ball bingo rooms, with the enjoyable and friendly atmosphere.

If you are more of the fast pace player, you can find some challenging rooms to play.

Next, bingo sites in Europe offer some irresistible bonus offers. Disregarding of whether is a welcoming promotion or a VIP bonus, the offers are quite attractive and European players simply love them.

The safety and security of the sites are regulated continuously, so this is another point plus for European bingo sites. Players can devote themselves to a carefree and relaxed game.

To help you out in choosing your bingo site, we offer you a list of the best.

You should not forget that gaming is allowed only 18+, and there is a T&C’s apply. Bear in mind to Gamble Responsibly.

If you are interested details, go to the site and hit the “Claim Bonus” button.

History of Bingo in Europe

The bingo game has old origins in Europe. The name it has today, it is believed to be derived from the American game “Beano” which was played similarly.

However, bingo developed directly from the Italian lotto game, which spread in Germany and France.

In France, it was accepted as a social game of the Aristocracy in the 18th century, and in Germany, it gained so much popularity that in the 19th century was even used as a teaching method.

In the 1940s, bingo was becoming a way of gaining profit. It was in the UK where bingo games began to develop in this direction, thus resulting in rapid growth of popularity.

Since 1996 the bingo entered the virtual world, with the first platform being created in UK – Cyberbingo. Furthermore, a great breakthrough of online bingo was with Facebook in 2011. The popularity of bingo increased enormously due to the easy access and the social media.

Laws and Regulations

Online bingo sites in Europe are legal almost in every country.

However, this doesn’t mean that it is a complete mess and it’s not safe. On the contrary, bingo sites in the EU have very strict regulations and control systems.

First of all, the bingo site has to obtain a license, and each country has a special regulative body created, which specifies regulations about online gaming and controls the network.

Next, third-party companies are very often hired to control and monitor the work of the gaming site, to make sure of the fair and secure games it offers.

Since it is a fast-growing industry, many new regulations are passed on, so that players can be sure of the secure and fair game.

What do these top European bingo sites have in store for you

These sites know the importance of a fabulous bingo experience. And that is the reason why they do more than a lot to keep you cheerful when it comes to playing bingo. Take a look to see what we mean.

Free money on your first deposit, try now!

Joining any of the top European bingo sites featured here on our website get you free money. How? Well, on making a deposit. When you deposit money into your bingo account, you get free bonus money. This bonus is automatically added to your bingo account. You get your deposit plus the bonus money to play bingo.

Mind-blowing prizes and rewards on European Online Bingo Sites

When you win you win BIG on these Eu bingo sites. They feature prizes that are truly valuable. There are jackpots, too. A jackpot is big enough to add to your bingo bankroll. Apart from that, special bingo tournaments and cash raffles are also rolled out from time to time. These are simply amazing for making additional wins.

Eu Bingo SItes: Completely safe and fair bingo experience

All bingo sites for Europe featured here are reviewed and recommended by third-party auditors. These auditors check a bingo website inside out to make sure it doesn’t cheat you or have security loopholes. Secure banking ensures any sensitive information stays hidden from the rest of the world. These websites have also received awards and accolades for offering a secure bingo environment.

Special games and promotions

Special bingo games and promotions are always available on these Europe bingo sites. Monthly promotions are very common, and so are the attractive prizes associated with them. You can avail these promotions throughout the month and take your bingo fun to the next level.

24/7 support staff that is professional and courteous

You can be sure that the customer support teams available at these bingo sites are responsive and reliable. Firstly, these teams are available 24/7. Secondly, they are knowledgeable and always willing to help. Finally, you can reach them using your phone or fax, or you can send them an e-mail. You can also chat with them and receive a quick solution.

Eu Mobile bingo sites & games

You will be glad to know that these Eu bingo sites also offer mobile bingo games. Now you can enjoy bingo on the go. Just log on to your favourite bingo site and play bingo anytime, anywhere.

Join today any of the Eu Bingo Sites to let the fun begin!

The next level of bingo fun is just a click away from you. Simply register on any of the top 10 best European bingo sites. Make your first deposit to receive some free money and have fun with bingo.


Bingo sites in Europe offer one great experience. Players can choose from a pool of interesting and quality bingo sites and enjoy the quality games.

There is a variety of bingo rooms with many attractive bonus promotions; a player wouldn’t want to miss out. Also, there are many friendly and challenging bingo games according to every player’s taste.

Due to the high standards that are imposed on online gaming sites, players can enjoy completely safe and fair games.

All in all, bingo sites in Europe are a definite favourite and a true choice for every bingo player!

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