Best Bitcoin Bingo Sites in 2019

Bitcoin is the digital currency that is taking over the world. It is, by all means, one of the safest ways to make deposits at Bitcoin bingo sites without having to share your personal information and identity.

When on an online bingo site that uses Bitcoin as their currency, you don’t have to worry about the speed of transactions. The transactions on these sites are almost instant.

Moreover, you get the benefit of anonymity, meaning you don’t have to share personal information with the site. Thus you get to play privately.

Where to find the proper Bitcoin bingo site?

bingo site that uses Bitcoin

As in recent years Bitcoins have gained such popularity, you can find them as a currency option on practically any games-related site that is well-established and follows the trends.

However, to find the proper Bitcoin bingo site for you, you need to take into consideration the previously mentioned criteria and make sure you made the right choice.

In order to make the selection process easier and faster, here’s a list of Bitcoin bingo sites that are reviewed and ranked by players that might help you out:

List of Top 8 Bitcoin Bingo Sites for 2019

  • Bingo Hall – In Bingo Hall, there’s a wide selection of bingo games waiting patiently for you. Check out the amazing themed bingo games as well as the most popular ones. Enjoy all the promotions and bonuses and win as much as possible. Bingo Hall is up-to-date and has made it possible for players to deposit in Bitcoins as well as with other common payment methods. So there’s nothing preventing you, test your luck now!
  • Slots Village – Slots Village offers amazing bingo games for you to play, as well as bonuses and promotions for you to double your winnings. The cryptocurrency that is becoming wildly accepted all over the world can be used on Slots Village for making deposits, so load your Bitcoin Wallet and savour the fun of the bingo game and anonymity of the Bitcoin deposits.
  • Bingo Spirit – Bingo Spirit allows all types of payment methods, including Bitcoins. It offers a great Welcome package of no deposit $50 plus 10 free spins, and on top of that, you get 1500% bonus on your first deposit. Collect your bonuses and play the most popular 75-ball and 90-ball bingo games.
  • Cyber Bingo – You can get $50 making no deposit and win 10 free spins. On top of that, you can get a 1500% on the first deposit as well. Make your deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoins and enjoy your time on Cyber Bingo. 90, 75 and even 80-ball bingo games are at your disposal, and many, many familiar game names as well.
  • South Beach Bingo – The best bingo games and promotions on South Beach Bingo are ready and steady for a go! Try them out and you won’t regret it! Plus, enjoy the benefit of playing perfectly anonymously with the aid of Bitcoin deposits. Every promotion available on the South Beach Bingo site can be claimed with Bitcoin deposits, so it’s kind of cool, right?
  • Bingo Canada – Visit one of the many awesome bingo rooms, including the super fun themed bingo rooms, and you’ll have the time of your life! Claim the promotions that go along the bingo games paying with Bitcoin and be the ultra-modern player! Bingo Canada follows the contemporary trends and apart from the common payment methods provides you with yet another option.
  • Vic’s Bingo – Vic’s Bingo provides you with a chance to play the most interesting bingo games and promotions you could ever come across. The promotions and bonuses on Vic’s Bingo are incredible and offer more than any other site. Just try them out and you’ll see. In addition, it offers a Bitcoin deposit method to spice things up! Now, you can claim the bonuses and promotions in a chic and advanced way!
  • Heavy Chips – Heavy Chips is also a great online bingo site where you can deposit in Bitcoins. You get a €8 No Deposit Bonus plus 1000% bingo bonus for your first deposit. The most played and adored bingo games are waiting for you to spend your bonuses on them.

How to choose the best online bingo sites where you can deposit in Bitcoins?

When choosing a proper Bitcoin bingo site, you need to search the site and see whether it covers all the essential criteria of a good Bitcoin bingo site. Some things qualify as features that make up a good Bitcoin bingo site.

  • Check out the support system – This is the vital component you need to search for the moment you’re on an online Bitcoin bingo site. You need a great support service that’s at your disposal 24/7 when you’re paying with Bitcoins. The support service must be well aware of all the possible uncertainties that players might come across and offer the right solutions.
  • Look at the bonuses – when you’re going through an online bingo site, you look for bonuses and promotions. The same goes for Bitcoin bingo sites. You need to have a nice list of offers to get more opportunities to win big prizes.
  • See the winnings amount offered – You need to have it crystal clear in your mind how much Bitcoins can you possibly get from that site and decide whether they suit you or not. Usually, sites that allow the Bitcoin currency to display the amounts distinctly, and if they don’t, then you probably should search for the right site for you a little bit longer.

What games can you play on Bitcoin bingo sites?

You can enjoy the same games, as well as bonuses and promotions related to those games, as on any online bingo site that uses normal currencies.

That means that you can play one of your preference anytime and anywhere.

You can choose from the popular 90-ball, 75-ball, and 80-ball bingos, or on some sites even a 30-ball bingo, which is the famous rapid type of bingo ball action.

Or, you can also play the standard slots, poker and keno games that are available in any casino.

Are there country-related restrictions on Bitcoin bingo sites?

This may be the best benefit of playing with Bitcoins, because, as mentioned above, you can play from anywhere without having to reveal your personal information, hence your location or country of origin.

Some online bingo sites have restrictions as to who can play on their sites. On the Bitcoin bingo sites, you have nothing to worry about.

You just make your account with any username, fill your wallet with Bitcoins, and you’re in!


To sum up, playing on Bitcoin bingo sites will bring you more benefits that you could ever imagine. Start with the privacy and finish with the bonuses amount you have the chance to get!

First of all, you have the chance to stay incognito, ergo, no one needs to know your name or address, and still play the preferred games online.

Secondly, you can choose to play any type of bingo game there is, as many Bitcoin bingo sites are dedicated to providing you with the best options.

And finally, you get to collect your prizes and bonuses with ease and in the currency of your preference – the Bitcoins!

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