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The bingo as a game in Norway has been popular for a long time. Hence, the new trend of online bingo gaming cannot pass by unnoticed.

Norway is in a period of great development when it comes to online bingo. It offers some quality games and continually develops in the direction of player’s wishes.

You can find many bingo rooms offering 75 ball and 90 ball games, although there is a preference towards 75 ball bingo.

There is a friendly atmosphere for socialising and playing, and some really attractive bonus offers.  Making friends while playing the most popular game online – how great is that?

To save time searching, we provide you with a list of the best bingo sites in Norway, where you get an extraordinary bingo experience.

Also, to remind you are playing is allowed only for 18+, and there is T&C’s applied, as well. Never forget to Gamble Responsibly. If you want to read more details, you can always visit the site and go to “Claim Bonus” button.

Top Norwegian Bingo Sites

MamaMia Bingo: 250% First Deposit Bonus

MamaMia Bingo

250% First Deposit Bonus. Bonus Code: MamaMia.

18+. New players only. T&C’s Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly. See official website for details.

Bertil Bingo: 100% Welcome Bonus

Bertil Bingo

100% Welcome Bonus. Bonus Code: BERTIL.

18+. New players only. T&C’s Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly. See official website for details.

Bingo Hall: Exclusive $70 Free No Deposit Bonus

Bingo Hall

Exclusive $70 Free No Deposit Bonus. Use Promo Code: BHL70FREETBO.

18+. New players only. T&C’s Apply. Please Gamble Responsibly. See official website for details.

History of Bingo in Norway

Bingo games spread in Norway almost a century ago.

However, officially the first bingo halls were established in the early 1960s mainly in the capital city of Oslo. The game very quickly gained popularity and very soon over 2000 bingo kiosks were established. In this period Norway became 3rd in Europe by the popularity of gambling.

The bingo game developed a lot and many players accepted the fun, social and interesting way of playing and winning. Despite many government restrictions, bingo very quickly became a popular way of gambling.

Furthermore, the online bingo started developing in the second half of the 21st century, more progressively since 2008 when many domestic online bingo sites appeared.

Since then, around 40 different bingo sites have been created, offering players a great variety of games.

Today, they continue to improve in order to meet player’s needs.

Laws and Regulations

Norway is a country that always had very strict regulations and laws against gambling.

That means that many forms of gambling are prohibited in the country. These strict regulations were mainly passed on to control the gambling rate in Norway which had continually increased.

When it comes to online bingo, similar to other Scandinavian countries, Norway allows only licensed sites to operate online, and those are quite a few. The government’s goal was to avoid the development of gambling addiction, thus protecting the people.

In 2010, a new law was passed on which banned the international transactions connected with online gambling, which resulted in a very poor variety of players in Norway.

However, the government didn’t ban the IP addresses of the sites, so they continued operating.

Nevertheless, Norwegians nowadays are allowed to gamble only on licensed sites. The number of these sites continues to increase providing players with greater variety.


All in all, Norway is not excluded from the online bingo fashion trend. It has some really exciting experience to offer to players.

Bingo sites in Norway include a variety of bingo rooms, with the most popular 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games.

Players can enjoy an extremely friendly atmosphere and some generous bonus offers, due to the fact that bingo was primarily accepted as a social game, providing many ways of winning.

The popularity of online bingo increases day by day, so the bingo sites continually develop. The players are given true bingo experience and a great array of quality games.

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