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eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, eCOGRA is based in London and is globally recognized for agency testing, player protection and standards association. A non-profit, autonomous online gaming organization, eCogra assists players to recognize online casino sites that are reasonable, dependable and safe to participate.


What is the role played by eCOGRA?

eCOGRA has very rigorous standards for safeguarding the players taking part in casino games, responsible operator ways and honest gaming. The sites that abide totally with all these standards, obtain the Play It Safe accreditation. The sites once been awarded this certificate are then regularly checked to guarantee that they preserve these standards.

Which services does the organization offers?

The services offered by the organization include:

  • Making proven testing methods
  • Straight participation in responsible gaming ideas and working together with other dependable gaming organizations
  • Offering a third party dispute negotiation service for players
  • Giving advice on the implementation of practical standards

How does the organization safeguards public interest?

The company’s conformity activities are paying attention on the subsequent objectives:

  • Safeguard of exposed customers
  • Avoidance of juvenile gambling
  • Fighting falsified and criminal behavior
  • Punctual and precise customer payments
  • Responsible advertising
  • Protected and steadfast operating environment

eCOGRA is proud of its self-rule and veracity. It has a liability and is dedicated to ensuring that the work carried out by its employees demonstrates the utmost probable values of professionalism.

Due to the specialized qualifications, training and understanding of their workforce, the organization is capable of offering to test across a broad range of regulatory areas requiring technological, safety, fiscal and legal proficiency.

The test engineers are extremely skilled and focused in the field of online gaming and other leading-edge systems and technologies, and are able to execute system assessments competently.

eCOGRA is recognized as a testing agency and chosen certification body in a variety of online gambling jurisdictions. The corporation has achieved significant experience by providing official recognition services devoted to online gaming activities for last 10 years.

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