Achilles - Free Slots


Achilles by RTG: Slot experience just perked up!

The name of the game speaks for itself as Achilles, a legendary warrior, is believed to be one of the supreme warriors who participated in the Trojan War. The game is themed in a way so as to take you on celebrated journeys and battles as this great warrior did, scaling the walls of Troy that shall help you earn excellent cash prizes.


  • 20-line, five reel slot
  • Mix of big prizes and steady payouts
  • Gamble up to $5 per line a maximum of $100 in bets per spin
  • Basic graphics and Sound
  • Random progressive Jackpots

What to expect?

You can win its largest prize money round by hitting 5 Achilles symbols, all on the same pay line which sets off a win of 10,000 credits, or as much as $50,000 given you have opted to play for the utmost amount per line.
Additionally, there’s a random progressive jackpot that can be activated towards the end of any spin, not considering how much you have won or lost while playing the game. This roll-over prize is small, but not inconsequential.

In the End

This game has all that you would like to have while playing free slot games online. You have random jackpots, legendary game journeys and additional roll over prizes which are enough to have a roller coaster ride. Slot experience is all set to perk up to one level above the existing standard with Achilles and its rollover prizes.

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