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CyberBingo player bags Huge Bingo Jackpot

Huge Bingo Jackpot was hit by Cyber Bingo Player

Absolutely stunning! An Oregon lady who opened her account a few days ago hit the amazing Bingo Jackpot for $20,000.00. Yes, you have read it correctly! It looks like a fairytale but it is not!

CyberBingo player bags Huge Bingo Jackpot

The 36 years old Jane struck the incredibly high Bingo Progressive Jackpot at Cyber Bingo. Everything happened on the 6th of May after she decided to step away a bit from her online college class to refresh her mind. While she logged in and saw the amazing Bingo Free Roll Room, she decided to make her first even deposit, using her mobile phone.

I was attending my college classes and started getting a headache so decided to take a break from homework and play a few games of bingo. On the very first game as I watched my name climb the leaderboard, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I was suddenly instantly at #1 and hitting bingo for 20k jackpot win!” – said Jane.

Well done, Jane! You did a great job!

Jane was feeling like she discovered another planet and we cannot doubt that. Definitely, winning the jackpot at this multi-award-winning Cyber Bingo brand is something amazing. The bingo itself is one of the oldest on the internet and it attracts more and more bingo lovers. If you are looking for bingo rooms with special game chats and huge jackpot prizes, then surely Cyber Bingo is your right spot! Do not wait for someone else to hit the next jackpot, signup and get ready to shout a big BINGO!

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