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Cyber Bingo - Columbus Day Bingo

Some of the best Bingo Games offered by Cyber Bingo Promo

Cyber Bingo - Columbus Day Bingo Columbus Day $3,000 Guaranteed Treasure – Monday, October 12th

Those of you who are fans of Columbus will surely appreciate the fact that he came down to America. What better way to celebrate the memory of the great man than playing bingo. This promotion game will take place on Monday, October 12th in the USA Bingo room and will consist of:

  • 3 x $1,000.00 Guaranteed Games @ $2.50 per card.

You will want to note that the games played are Top of the Hour Games at 9:00 PM EDT. You also have the option of a Buy 6 Get 3 Free promotion. The pattern is the Columbus Treasure Pattern.

Cyber Bingo - Spooktacular Bingo Tourney

Spooktakular Bingo Tourney – Thursday, October 1st – Saturday, October 31st

The Spooktakular bingo tourney will take place month long based on the Top 20 winners to Bingo on the Halloween Bingo Games and they will win the tournament. Each card will cost $0.50 for the Halloween games. The games will be held in the Seasonal Room (Halloween) on Halloween Patterns. There is a total of 12 patterns and each pattern will play once an hour, twice a day.

The winner of the tourney will receive $1,000.

Cyber Bingo - Halloween Costume Party

Halloween Costume Party – All month of October

The Halloween costume party is when players have to offer pictures of them in their Halloween costumes. The photographs have to be submitted on November 2nd a winner will be chosen. The winner of the game will receive $100.00 in cash. A runner-up is also selected and a $50.00 cash is given as a prize. Other players who participate will receive a consolation prize of $25.00 as Free Play Bonus.

The good news here is that Colombus and Bingo Tourney cards can be pre-ordered. This increases the chance for a player to participate and wins though they cannot participate in the event. The cards can purchase from your computer system, tablet, or mobile.


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