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123bingoonline Complaints, Reviews and Ratings

123bingo complaints the list goes on forever 123bingoonline is the site on the parlay software. 123bingo is one of the popular brands amongst the bingo players almost every player who plays bingo in the US must have signed up with the site. It is the site wherein there are 100’s of players playing at the same time big rooms big promises they make and deliver less.

123bingo has a big network of sites. They are one of the biggest networks in the US for bingo. We have listed some of the complaints we hear from the players about the brand.

  • Aggressive Customer service:
    Bingo players have often complained about the customer service calling them in the middle of the night not many bingo sites make calls to players to make a deposit on the site which we think is a wrong practice. Bingo players should be given a chance to opt themselves for choosing to make the deposit or not. Nobody prefers intrusion in their privacy.
  • Withdrawal:
    123bingo has a lot of player Complaints when it comes to withdrawal. They delay in making payments. When the players ask for the status of the withdrawal customer services is not helpful. Players have to send in their documents multiple time to get the money out of the site this can be the delaying tactics used by the site.
  • High wagering requirements:
    123bingoonline wants the player to wager a lot. The website gives huge bingo deposit bonuses and asks players to wager a lot on it which is almost impossible to achieve. It’s better to take the no bonus no wagering required an option.
  • Same Winners:
    Bingo players complain a lot about 123bingo repeated winners.
  • Rating for 123bingo:
    Even with all the complaints of 123bingo, it is a site where there is a lot of entertainment .our rating for the site 7 out of 10.

2 thoughts on “123bingoonline Complaints, Reviews and Ratings”

  1. All of these Rogue sites get the same complaints and that is the same players keep winning.
    The reason the same players keep winning is they are using HOUSE CARDS to win most of the pots.
    These sites use between 3 and 5 house cards which will win 80 per cent of all games.
    I think the question is why isn’t something being done to get these Rogue sites off the internet.
    There should be a committee that over looks these bingo sites. If I steal money from an other
    person I would go to jail these sites have been stealing for years and nothing is being done.
    Two of the worst Bingo Sites is South Beach Bingo and Bingo Billy they use house cards and
    don’t even try to hide what they are doing !!!!!

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