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Know More about Bingo Hall #1 US Bingo Website

Complaints for bingo hall can be many. Bingo hall is one of the oldest and trusted brands for US players, however players do complain about this site as well. Bingo being the top most bingo brands in US gets a lot of players on daily basis playing for real money. When the players are playing with real they are bound to complain when they are not winning. Bingo hall however as a site is trying its level best to make sure that it delivers a quality product. If we have to rate bingo hall from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. We will rate it 7 as most of the bingo players are happy playing online bingo at the site.

Bingo Hall

We have noticed few Complaints players make often about bingo hall

  • Low Bonuses on bingo hall:
    We have seen bingo hall in comparison to its competitors in online bingo gives very less deposit bonuses to the players that means players get less chances to win. Bingo hall is stingy when it comes to bingo bonuses they should look at it to make sure players are not spending more on the site.
  • Same players winning or House Players:
    Players have also complained about same players winning on the site however as what we have experienced there are some players those who Max buy every time they play so there chances are more than the other players to win.
  • Withdrawals delay:
    We often see on forums and sites players saying negative about bingo hall for the delay in withdrawal processing may be it is because of bingo Hall is in the US market hard to pay out players in timely manner.
  • Rude Customer service:
    There has been instances where in players have complained about the site customer services being rude to them or in other words aggressive in terms of sales pitch. players should be given a freedom to choose when they want to play for real on a bingo site.

At the end with very less options to play in US for bingo player’s bingo hall can be trusted to play bingo.


Bingo Hall
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