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Fun at Cyber Bingo

Here you can find the best bingo games on Cyber Bingo. This is the most exciting and fabulous site where players can get fascinating programs with lots of prize money. On the website, players can find free bingo online games. These games are available from Monday to Sunday in the Bingo free ballroom. Players also can get a chance to win real cash while playing on free bingo room. In bingo free Roll Room games start from 4:00 pm ET and run till late. Players can join a weekend program where the chances of winning are high, and the timing is 12:00 pm ET till late. There are one big event, $1000 free bingo games. This big event starts from 11:00 pm ET and players shouldn’t miss the chance to win big bucks for free.

Monthly special program

There is an exclusive program for the players where the game starts from Sunday 22nd July. This game is based on cards, and there are two types of card one is high B90, and another one is Low $100/$50. The cost of the each card is only $0.35. Players can play this game at 3 pm at 9 pm ET. On July 28th, three new programs are coming up, first is $1,000 guaranteed games second is website is selling cards in $2, and the last one is an attractive overall of $50,000, and there is $10,000 games are available on the website. The price of the cards is $5 each. Players shouldn’t miss the great opportunity.

The weekend fun starts from 8 pm till Midnight!

Must Play on Saturday is the best game on Cyber Bingo. It starts from 8 pm till midnight in the tourney room. It will also give you a chance to win mega prizes. In the evening players will get three main games:-

  1. In the top hours – guaranteed $100/$250/$1000.
  2. In the mid hours – games are 150.
  3. And after that – guaranteed $25/$50/$250.

There are total 28 games on Saturday with full of money and fun.

Friday Fever!

This is an exciting game for bingo lover and at the same time people who enjoy listening to music. Players will get a chance to hear to some top tunes while playing on the website on Friday. This is called Fresh Music Friday. There are guaranteed prizes and games also available. The weekly game starts at 8 pm ET till late night.

Become a star!

Cyber Bingo Hollywood Walk of Fame is the new and exciting promotion on the Cyber Bingo. If players want to become a star, then they have to inform the website that what they love most about these games and offers, and then they can win and become a star. So login right now and gets a chance to be a star!!

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