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Sparkly Bingo Promotions, April 2016

Enjoy the glittering action with Sparkly Bingo

Don’t you wish to enter into fluffy and cute bingo world where you can play free bingo games around the clock?

Sparkly Bingo is going to complete your wish. Enjoy the glittering action with a bounty of bonuses to play shimmering slots just inexperience of your own home. All new roomies are allowed to entertain free bingo games with big bonuses, every time they enter into the new world of bingo online.

Sparkly Bingo Logo Grab the £1,500 every day when you join a room and play some of the very top notch and VIP games from any devices you want.

How would you like to play a big cash prize game and in case you lose get a guaranteed winning prize? £200K cash injection really is making this possible. You will play huge jackpot with guaranteed nonwinning prize, where the winning prize will be £100,000.

The stardust glitters and rains it down on you to give you a chance to win £1,200 every day when you play. Not only that but you are given £50 when you play 75 ball games and £100 when you throw yourself into 90 ball games.

Delight yourself with some real glitz and earn £50 bonus on your first deposit. More than that, get 150% bonus on your second deposit, 100% bonus when you deposit the third time. Enjoy the real shower of sparkle with 50% bonus with your each deposit.

This is not where your bingo journey concludes! Play some real jackpot games like Radiant Riches, Glitz’N Glamour and Razzle Dazzle where the cards prices are as lower as 10p. Enjoy the huge jackpot games that will increase your chances of winning massively. This is real time to throw you to experience some real Sparkly Bingo world.

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